5 Useful Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Job


- Jonathan Boyle

Finding a dream job is not easy as it takes time and a lot of effort. With the recent global economic trends, employers are imposing tough conditions for candidates seeking for employment positions/jobs. In order to secure your dream job, ones need to put a lot of effort so as to ensure that he/she is the best in the market. Below are some tips on how to bag a dream jobs.

Job Research
Job research is one of the basic steps that most people fail when looking for their dream jobs. If you want to get your carrier job, research on companies that specialize with your field of interest. The research will help you to align yourself with the companies’ employment needs, mission and visions. In-case you are invited for an interview, its thorough research of the employer’s history is very essential. Most interviewers will always ask you to give a brief background of the company you want to work for. Job/jobs research also enables one to know the recent trends in the field of interest and update oneself with the required knowledge and educational certification if necessary

Talk About Projects You Have Done
For a fresher seeking to get an employment opportunity, working experience has always been a major hindrance. Most candidates who are fresh from collage find it hard to outline their working experience. If you want to get your dream job and you are a freshman, Its advisable to list ones previous projects undertakings so as to help employers to evaluate your skill and implementation .For candidates applying for digital jobs like software/web development jobs, online writing jobs, blogging jobs and others, its becomes easy to demonstrate sample application developed prior to that. Past projects should also be included in ones resume as a substitute of working experience for fresh graduates. For experienced candidate, past projects also helps to further elaborate their experience.

Keep Your Resume Crisp
With few achievements, many fresh graduates are tempted to add long phrases on their resumes so that it looks as long as their friends. Experts recommend that a good resume should be short, precise and easily understandable. With most HR managers getting thousands of job applications per day, most of them ignore fluffy resumes. Your CV should also be eye catching and free from grammatical and spelling errors. Having a short resume does not mean that one does not have what it takes to get a particular job.

Soft Skills
Soft skills are very essential in any kind of a job. Communication skill, office etiquette, and personal attributes add up to soft skills. When going for an interview, it also essential to practice on one’s introduction skills. In most interview, the first thing that one is told is to introduce him/herself. This is the first assessment in a jobs setup. Presentation skills are also essential in ensuring that one is able to present all he/she knows.

Be Smart
Most successful candidates have are the ones who are able to think quickly and develop solution to problems. If all the above tips are followed, all job seekers will find it easy to find their dream jobs

Author’s Bio: Jonathan Boyle is a senior human resource manager by profession, he enjoys writing and has written for a number of recruitment websites that publishes the Current Jobs in Nigeria, he loves giving a dream job walkthrough and he never misses a beat when it comes to social media

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