5 Ways To Deal With Embarrassing Moments At Work

new nerd embarrased at work

- Dennis Stratham

Life is about being able to go with the flow and be flexible with whatever the day may bring. Sometimes, embarrassing moments can happen at work that can be a little nerve-racking. Just take them in stride and learn to be creative. Here are five ways to avoid some office blunders easily and effectively.

1. Not So Casual Friday

You were sick on Thursday but you know that your office has a casual day on Friday. As normal, you went into work dressed in jeans and a button up shirt. When you get to your cubicle, there is a memo, with yesterday’s date at the top, saying that your district manager is coming by and you were not to dress causal. In this instance just act natural and be confident. Most likely your district manager will not notice, and if he does, politely tell him you were ill the previous day. Honesty is always the best policy.

2. Your Swingline Saves The Day

As usual, your 16 year old managed to convince you to buy a pair of stylish pumps for work with a heel that was a little taller than usual. Today was your first day at a new job and her first day at school. You decide to wear you favorite slacks with your new shoes. You get out of your office chair and the back of your heel gets caught in the hem of your pants and you hear a little tear. You can simply staple your hem back in place to get through the rest of the day.

3. Layers Can Be Your Best Friend

If you are prone to coffee spills on your shirt during morning rush hour or mustard stains during lunch. Consider wearing a lace cami or tank top underneath your dress shirt and keeping a cardigan on your desk chair at work. This way, if you do have an accident, just take off you messy shirt and you can then wear your cardigan and no one will ever know the difference.

4. Learn To Be Flexible

You got dressed for work this morning and dropped the kids off at childcare before heading to the office. When you sit down you realize that your husband must have dried your hang dry only pants in the dryer and now are way too short. Your loafers and socks are showing just enough to make you look silly. Fix this issue by taking off your socks, putting your shoes back on, and rolling your pants up enough so they appear to be hip cropped pants.

5. Duck Tape Can Save The Day

This morning you have a meeting with a corporate executive and decided to wear you grey power suit. You have ten minutes until your big moment and you bend over to rub a scuff mark off your shoe. Suddenly you hear a loud tear and you realize that the butt of your pants just ripped about 3 inches. Grab a roll of duck tape and run to the nearest bathroom. Since duck tape is grey and you wore your grey suit, use this as a quick fix as a patch to get you through the rest of the day.

This article was written by Dennis Stratham. He is a personnel manager who has worked with reputable branded companies. He recommends this website for the latest Careers in South Africa.

Image: By Josh Mecouch

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