6 Insider’s Tips of Scholarship Interview That You Can’t Afford To Ignore!

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Scholarship opportunities are a great support for needy students who need a helping hand to achieve their ambitions. However, the competition is never easy due to phenomenal number of applicants. The review committee invites a shortlisted applicant for a one-on-one meeting to evaluate if he is genuinely more deserving than other applicants. So, if you fail to convince the committee about your legitimacy for scholarship and its role in completing your education, you will likely to lose an opportunity that could help you fulfill your future goals.

1. Research The Organization

Just like a job interview, the review committee will expect that the applicant has some knowledge of fellowship. So, you should acquire necessary information regarding history and goals of the organization. Research background of fellowship and understand its mission statement. Discuss the ways your scholarship will complement the aims of organization. Use it as an opportunity to show your interest in your education and its connection with fellowship in question.

2. Demonstrate Your Candidacy

Prove that you really are the person they should invest their valuable money on. Talk about your current qualification and its application and implication in the long run. Show any materials or credentials to establish that you are serious about your studies. The review committee has to go through hundreds of application in a single day and any portfolio or credentials will give them good reasons to select you for a scholarship.

3. Be Prepared For AWKward Questions

If you are applying for a need-based scholarship, then you should be prepared for some really embarrassing questions. The committee will be interested to know your financial status to gauge your standing for a scholarship. They may ask you questions regarding total income of your parents, your current monthly expenses and any other sources of income. You might feel a sense of embarrassment while facing these questions, but this is how things work in a scholarship selection process. So, you should be prepared to share your financial credentials with the panel.

4. Do Mock Interview Sessions

Practice is an important aspect of any interview. Take some help from your friends and do a mock session where they will be the judge and you will be the candidate. Make a list of possible questions and come up with answers that can truly reassure the panel that you are a true beneficiary of their funds.

Get feedback about your demeanor and responses from the judges. If possible, make a video of your interview to work on your mannerisms. Just be yourself and avoid acting like a nerdy or studious fellow. In short, behave in your natural way.

5. Engage with the Panelists

Do not make the whole conversation a viva-voce by sounding like a K-12 students. Instead, engage the committee in your conversation by explaining your point of views. The review committee has given you a chance to explain your candidature for a scholarship. Therefore, the committee will be grateful to you if you value their time and justify your position with explanation.

6. Dress Appropriately

Your clothing will count as much as other thing during an interview. In fact, an inappropriate dress can influence the panelists to form an opinion about you that may go against your favor. Remember that you are going for a scholarship interview and your appearance needs to be compatible with that occasion. The committee will not expect you to appear in expensive attire, like a Gucci suit or Rolex watch. Just be suave and clean, and wear nice dress.

Understand that the panelists will be looking at you as someone with modest means, but wearing such extravagant apparels will imply just the opposite.

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