8 Inspiration Movies For Every Student To Watch

kevin in 21 teaching his students
- Alex Strike

Do you like watching movies? Do you need any inspiration to impress your professors with unusual and really creative works? Let’s combine pleasant with useful and watch these 8 great movies, that will both inspire you and reveal some students’ secrets of surviving in this cruel world. You’ll be surprised how far a person is ready to go sometimes in order to get what he wants.

So, here is the list of 8 wonderful movies about students life, that can be deservedly called real masterpieces of their genre. Watch and enjoy.


There is a typical situation: a talented student entered Harvard University, but he has to demonstrate his unique experience no other students have in order to get a scholarship. Taking into account the fact that last year this scholarship was won by a student from Korea who had no leg, this task appears to be not easy at all. But the student is lucky to meet a math teacher who has noticed his talent to count and offered an unusual deal to him…

If you don’t know what to write in your motivation letter for all professors to notice you, this movie is a real must-watch for you then.

Good Will Hunting

One more great movie about a talented mathematician and relationships between American students and teachers. A cleaner who has exceptional intellectual abilities works at MIT university until a professor of math discovers his talent accidentally. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have become the stars of the world’s cinematography after this movie.

The Social Network


Yes, this movie tells us a story of the world’s most popular social network appearance. It will reveal the story of Mark Zuckerburg, who came up with an idea of Facebook while studying at university. But this movie is not only about that: it perfectly demonstrates the difference between social classes in one of the world’s most presentable universities (Harvard, the USA). It reveals the importance of private clubs and sports castes as well.


moneyball great for students

This is a non-trivial story about a baseball team that tells us all details of sports scholarships distribution between college teams, competitions, and baseball clubs management in the USA. Thanks to a brilliant performance of Brad Pitt, this movie definitely deserves the right to be in the list of must-watch ones for every student.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

sillicon valley a must watch

This is a story of two computer geniuses – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs – who both left universities to conquer the world with the help of their innovations. The revolution has come when no one expected for it.

Dead Poets Society


The movie got an Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay, and the role of a protagonist was perfectly played by a great actor – Robin Williams. This is a story of a teacher of literature, whose teaching methods inspired his students to change their lives.

Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road


If you don’t know what university and what specialty to choose, you should definitely watch this inspiring and addicting movie. A father of a protagonist forces him to enter a prestigious juridical college, but a young man dreams of becoming an artist. It’s good that he has some time to make the most unbelievable journey of his life, driving a road that doesn’t exist.

Seven Psychopaths


This movie is not about students actually, but it can be called a perfect source of inspiration by all means! Are you going to become a writer or a screenwriter, and you don’t know what material to use in order to impress an inspection board of your university? This genial movie of Martin McDonagh tells a story of a screenwriter who has an inspiration stuck, and about his friend who tries to help him.

Submitted by a young copywriter of essay writing services named Alex Strike. Alex is a passionate movie fan and reader. He prefers books of Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.


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