Scholarships for Women

scholarships for women

Tarrence Flowers

Did you know there are MILLIONS of dollars in scholarships just for women? Of course you did, but sometimes students forget that Fafsa is only one of several roads to financial aid. So today I’m reminding you that you can find quality uncompetitive scholarships and avoid the other “great academic awards” with a long history of winners that all seem to be mustache people.

Opportunities such as  The Young Women of Distinction Scholarship Award (also linked to their pic above) are in high demand; especially today with the inflated price of tuition outpacing US inflation itself (not to mention real life unfortunate circumstances we all go through.)

When exploring gender specific awards look for additional unique parameters. Yes, scholarships and grants for women-only eliminates an entire gender as competition but “women” itself is a general category; for example:

All minority females should be applying to minority awards, such as scholarships for black women and local or community specific opportunities are even better increasing your chances of winning drastically.

Never Give Up! Besides its Free

Good luck with your applications and look out for the soon to come Girls Only category on the scholarships page. More student aid below: Awards in bulk, all for women especially in college students “Applicants complete one application and are considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible”  ie. worth your time. Several female scholarships for various types of women including international.


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